8 Places Around The World You NEED To Visit If You Love Cats

Amazing Places You MUST Visit If You Love Cats And Kittens, Only a handful of situations cannot be improved by cats in life. Traveling around the world can be a wonderful experience for anyone. But with cats and kittens, your travel experience is just about to become more fascinating. We have put together some fantastic cat-centric stops from around the world, spanning from Japan to the US. These vacation spots will make you go gaga if you are a genuine kitty cat lover.

8. Gotokuji Temple, Japan

This is also known as the Lucky Cat or waving cat, which has its special temple situated in Japan. It is just a short and relaxing train ride from Tokyo. This particular Buddhist temple has become home to thousands of cat-looking figurines of various sizes and shapes, promising visitors good luck. They may not be real cats and kittens, although these happy ceramic kitties are exactly what you need for a relishing Instagram photo. This vacation destination is guaranteed to have cat lovers purring like kittens! Open Next Page Below To See More


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