8 Signs That Your Cat Is Bored

Boredom. Everyone gets bored and that does not mean only humans! Our cat might not be able to tell us straight out they are bored, but it does indeed happen. That’s why it’s vita to pay attention to these revealing signs your cat’s bored.

This is mostly true for cats that stay indoors all the time, and never go outdoors at all. Keeping a cat inside all the time is lots safer, however, it’s vital to watch out for your cat’s mental health and keep them from getting bored. Fortunately, with suitable stimulation plus lots of additional TLC, it’s simple to make your cat happy and not bored.

Here are 8 warning signs to watch for:

Is your cat forever hanging around their food bowl and seems attached to eating all day long? If so, that’s a good indication they are super bored. If you cat eats all the time just to pass time, then they are going to get overweight without an appropriate exercise routine. Open Next Page Below To See More


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