Bait Dog Got Hit By Two Cars On Parkway While Running Away From Her Torturous Past

Last Update : Saturday 9 November 2019 - 10:08 PM

On July 15, Woodbridge Animal Control in Connecticut was dispatched to Merritt Parkway where a dog had been hit by a car multiple times.

The Mastiff-mix, now named Merritt, was first struck in the shoulder by an SUV, and then struck again when she nervously ran across lanes. The second time she was hit, the car was going nearly 60 mph and disclosed her back leg.

When animal control arrived, Merritt was relieved.

“Merritt could not wait to get in our crate once we arrived,” they wrote on Facebook. “It was if we could hear her sigh of relief that she was in a space where she thought she was safe. It was there that we realized the true horror that this poor girl had been living.” Open Next Page Below To See More

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