Brutalized Puppy Hog Tied With Wire & Rope And Thrown In Graveyard, Screamed Out

Last Update : Thursday 18 June 2020 - 4:05 PM

Thankfully, Moghy calmed down once he accepted that his new friends were not going to hurt him. A traumatized dog, like Moghy, needs a lot of healing but he was surely on his way. The vet staff gave him food and water and he ate it all up like a champ. He was also put on iron supplements, antibiotics, and preventative medication for fleas and ticks.

Once the vet cleared him, Moghy went on to the local shelter. But he didn’t stay long! A nice woman came in and heard about Moghy and his amazing story. She was appalled that he had been so mistreated. No dog should go through what he had and she wanted to give him a happy life where he felt safe and loved. He was adopted and now lives with his new mom.

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