Abandoned Dog With 46-Lb Tumor Had A Heavy Burden Lifted Off His Shoulders

Last Update : Friday 8 November 2019 - 11:03 PM

As if homeless dogs don’t already have it bad enough, this one in particular used to have a family but was abandoned at a beach in Newport, California. To make matters worse, he was carrying around an extra 46 pounds of weight, due to a tumor that was growing on his side.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan spotted the dog, now named Henry, roaming the beach, and called Valerie Schomburg of Newport Beach Animal Control. The rescuers from NBAC are used to picking up stray dogs in poor condition, but nothing could have prepared them for what Henry looked like.

The tumor was so big that it was pushing on his right front leg in his shoulder area which was hindering him from being able to walk. Not only did he struggle to find food, but he had difficulty getting around.

Despite all of the hardships that Henry has faced in such a short period of time, he still had a zest for life. He was always smiling and wagging his tail and he loved every person he met. Whenever anyone got close enough, Henry would slobber them with kisses. Open Next Page Below To See More

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