Causes Of Aggression In Cats

Aggressive pet cats can be a serious cause of concern for cat parents. Vets define aggression as threatening behavior towards other cats or humans. It is a very common problem. Cats may be small in size but they possess razor-sharp claws and a set of powerful teeth. They are capable of inflicting painful bites and severe lacerations. This can lead to injuries to the attacked entity and your pet cat, not to mention the possibility of a hefty vet bill.

Treatment for aggressive behavior depends upon accurate diagnosis of the cause; here are the common causes that can trigger an aggressive attitude in your feline friend.

Aggression between cats
This is probably the most frequent and most visible form of aggression. Unneutered males fight for female cats and over territory. Just the sight of another male in the vicinity will raise your pet tom’s hackles. This will be followed by loud hissing and howling. After this, if one of them does not back down, fur may fly.

Aggression between cats in the family is also an issue. It can be between two males or two females or between a male and a female. The cats may not actually fight but the aggressor cat will try to establish dominance through posturing. A larger cat may try to dominate a smaller cat or one that is not that physically active. Cats that have had unpleasant experiences with other cats early on in life will be maladjusted and find it difficult to share space with others of their species.

Intact males are more prone to aggression, neutering lessens their aggressive tendencies. Inside the house, if you are faced with such a situation then segregate the fighting cats as soon as possible. Don’t let the cat-fight continue. Ensure that the weaker cat has some hiding spots and perches where it can retire in peace. Separate the food and water bowls. Sometimes rewarding good behavior can work. Offer the cats treats if you see that they are socializing, they may learn to associate treats with good behavior. Open Next Page Below To See More


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