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Nearly everybody United Nations agency cares concerning them believes that dogs and cats have a way of self that renders them distinctive. ancient science and philosophy declare such notions concerning our pets to be irrational and anthropomorphous. Animals, they say, have solely the crudest variety of thought and no sense of self in any respect. Leslie Irvine’s If You Tame Maine challenges these entrenched views by demonstrating that our expertise of animals and their behaviour tells a special story.

Dogs and cats are important parts in human history and valued members of our households for hundreds of years. Why can we regard these companions as having distinct personalities and as being irreplaceable? Leslie Irvine appearance closely at however individuals type “connections” with dogs and cats obtainable in adoption shelters and reflects on her own relationships with animals. If You Tame Maine makes a persuasive case for the existence of a way of self in companion animals and calls upon America to rethink our rights and obligations relating to the non-human creatures in our lives.

Excerpt This is a study of however the animals United Nations agency share our lives influence United Nations agency we tend to square measure. it’s supported many sources of information collected throughout 3 years of analysis. Most of this analysis transpire in my work as a volunteer at a humane society that I visit as “The Shelter.” I conjointly interviewed those who were adopting and surrendering animals, and that I discovered them as they came to seem at homeless dogs and cats. additionally, I discovered and interviewed individuals at community dog parks and player on my very own reflections a couple of period of living with animals.

The title of this book comes from Antoine American state Saint-Exupéry’s illustrious story the small aristocrat, long a favourite of mine. In chapter twenty one, the prince, when incoming on Earth, crosses deserts and climbs mountains, however, finds no friends to obviate his nice loneliness. to create matters worse, he finds a garden, and therefore the sight of the large numbers of roses makes him understand that his beloved however difficult rose, United Nations agency is back on his planet, isn’t distinctive, as she had adamantly insisted she was. He misses her deeply and begins to cry. Then the aristocrat meets a fox and his invitations his new acquaintance to play. The fox explains that he cannot . . .

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