Dog Training 101 – How To Train Your Dog

Over the years, dogs have proven to be probably the most loved pets of mankind. It has been said that dog is really a man’s best friend, of course this closest friend requires some serious training, such as house training, potty training etc.

Training must be an enjoyable experience for you personally along with your dog. Training lessons should not be to much time. They ought to be short and efficient so that your dog motivated. It is also essential that the trainer too is incorporated in the appropriate mood for training.

Always start working out using simpler commands, and then begin the greater complex ones. The training would be wise to end on the positive note. After the training your pet ought to be rewarded.

It can be a undeniable fact that the dogs motivation decreases while using complexity in the task. It must be kept in mind that your new puppy always has to be motivated with rewards. Every dog must be familiar using the basic commands example, come, sit, heel, stay etc.

Training ought not involve any negative points. It must not include yelling, hitting, chain jerking etc. The trainer should recognize that every dog tries to please his owner, so that you can gain his valuables (attention, food, toys ). He must always remember how the opposite of reward is not any reward and never punishment.

Also the foodstuff used to motivate your dog needs to be certainly one of his favorite meals. This raises the efficiency of education. Food -treats given as a reward needs to be small. It shouldn’t be large and should not require chewing, because it would cause distraction during training.

The timing in the reward plays an important role in training a dog. When your pet dog provides correct response he should be immediately rewarded as it maintains the text between your behavior of your new puppy as well as the reward.

Once your pet is correctly giving an answer to most of your commands, you are able to progress to a higher stage; helping the speed with the response. For example if your puppy sits after 5 seconds of your ‘sit- down’ command, you ought to train him to take action in 3 seconds.

One must always remember how the key to canine training is patience.


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