Imprisoned In Cramped Cage For 2 Years, His Body Grew Deformed From Hunching Over

Last Update : Friday 8 November 2019 - 10:30 PM

Landis the Pit Bull’s previous ‘owners’ didn’t allow him to ever come out of his cage.

For two years, Landis was confined to a cage that was way too small for him, causing him to hunch over to fit in it. Being hunched over for so long made his body dwarfed and deformed since he was unable to grow properly.

A shelter in Georgia broke Landis out of his cage and helped him say goodbye to his life of misery – the only life he ever knew.

They rushed him to an animal hospital for him to be evaluated, hoping there was something that could be done for his hunched body and flat feet. Open Next Page Below To See More

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