Maine Coon Temperament (Are They Friendly?)

What’s a Maine Coons Temperament is like compared to other breeds of cats?

It’s strange to think but some people still believe a Maine Coon cats Temperament to be very territorial or aggressive in nature due to their imposing size and rugged looks that differ from many other breeds.

This belief is normally based on the fact that Maine Coons appearance has remained similar to the cats you would have once found surviving the harsh winters in Maine running around feral and hunting for food.

There is no secret that a Maine Coon is an excellent hunter and even as a house pet will want to do what comes naturally and go out at night and hunt. This may have been the main reason for them being taking in by people and established as a breed after all.

So What Is A Maine Coon Cats Temperament Really Like?

Friendly & Loving

The fact most Maine Coons are friendly is one of the most appealing factors to this cats temperament and personality. They will often sit next to you for affection and greet you at the door when you arrive home very much like a dog in some ways. They are more loyal and loving than some breeds like the Norwegian Forest Cat and will be quite happy to get attention and relax with you on the sofa. Open Next Page Below To See More


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