Man Passed Away Leaving Tiny Pup With Empty Bowl & A Sign Round His Neck

Last Update : Friday 5 June 2020 - 6:25 PM

Puppies are most vulnerable when they are left on their own. They need constant supervision and lots of care. A homeless man in South Asia found a puppy that had lost his mama. Although he was penniless and without a roof over his head, he did everything he could to care for this sweet dog. But then tragedy struck and he passed away, leaving the puppy behind.

Thankfully a local farmer heard about the puppy. He voluntarily takes in unwanted dogs and puppies when he can. He drove over to see if he could find the little one and he did! In this rural area, people struggle just to feed their families. Unwanted animals often go unnoticed but someone took the time to put a sign around the puppy’s neck so passersby would stop and feed him.

The sweet puppy was so happy to see the kind man, who immediately fed him. Once he ate and drank some water, it was time to go home with the farmer. Once he was at his new foster home, the pup was introduced to two more litters the farmer had rescued.

Now the lonely pup is lonely no more! Every pup takes its turn to say hello. It’s so heartwarming to see that this puppy, that was all on his own, can officially say goodbye to his struggles… for good! The farmer calls the vet the next day and the puppy is examined and then vaccinated.

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