Man Snatched Dogs, Tied Snouts Shut & Draped Them Onto His Bike Seat

Last Update : Monday 15 June 2020 - 9:08 PM

A man was seen riding his bike through town with two large bags draped over his seat. When a local woman looked closer, she could see that two dogs were inside the bags with their mouths sealed shut. In Indonesia, the dog meat trade is not only legal, but it’s the only way some people can earn a living. The results are obviously devastating.

The man had snatched two dogs off the street and then stuffed them into bags to bring them to a butcher. The cruelest part was that he sealed their mouths shut in case the dogs bit him. But it is was so hot outside! If dogs can’t pant, they cannot cool off. One of the dogs just hung his tongue out, desperate for relief.

Luckily, a dog lover saw what was happening and called a local group. The dog rescue groups understand that while the act is indefensible, most of the time the people who bring in these dogs are extremely poor. The group, with donated money in hand, came to the scene immediately.

They offered to buy the dogs from the man for $36. Yes, that is what their lives were worth. They then took the dogs into their air-conditioned car and drove to their makeshift rescue center. They then cut the seals off of their snouts and hugged them as tightly as they could. The dogs couldn’t be more grateful.

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