Man Snatched Dogs, Tied Snouts Shut & Draped Them Onto His Bike Seat

Last Update : Monday 15 June 2020 - 9:08 PM

The best news came next! Through social media, the dogs’ photos and stories were shared. Potential adopters saw their photos and both dogs were flown from Indonesia to their new homes. Two dogs that nearly ended up on a plate are now living their best lives.

While it is totally disheartening that any animal has to endure this, we are thrilled there are people who never give up. The dog meat trade is a disgusting reality in many parts of the world, even in places where it is illegal.

Underground farms and butchers still operate. People assume because we’re in the states, that we can’t make a difference and that is far from true. Sharing these stories is a big step to raise awareness. We can make a difference! To see the inspiring rescue, scroll down.

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