19-Year-Old Mutilates Cat In Restaurant Bathroom To Get Revenge For Being Fired

Last Update : Saturday 26 October 2019 - 10:13 PM

A 19-year-old teen named Tanner Maggard from Lee’s Summit is accused of mutilating and decapitating a cat in a fast-food restaurant’s restroom. The restaurant manager says this is Tanner’s act of revenge, as he was fired from the restaurant for “setting fires” 3 months ago.

As recounted by the employees, the disgruntled Tanner walked into the restaurant as a customer and placed an order. He then moved toward the restroom and didn’t come out for some time. The manager could hear coughing and gagging sounds coming from inside. Upon coming out, Tanner smirked at the manager and said “Oh, I see you remodeled the bathroom”.

The manager was horrified when he found the remains of the abused cat on the changing table. The entire bathroom was smeared in blood. Tanner took off after watching the manager’s “reaction” with a triumphant smile. The cops are looking to arrest him for this heinous crime. Let’s spread the word and help them find this hateful man. Open Next Page Below To See More

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