Shaking Pit Bull Won’t Leave Shelter Corner, Heard A Voice & Inched Forward

Last Update : Friday 19 June 2020 - 10:59 PM

Animal shelters aren’t ideal places for dogs to stay long term. While we are grateful that these dogs have a roof over their heads and food to eat, a shelter environment can be extremely stressful. It is loud, with incessant barking. The kennels are usually barebones. For a dog that has come from a home, a shelter can be a scary place.

A sweet Pit Bull, named Carson, found himself on his own in a shelter. His family surrendered him after they decided they’ve had enough of him. He did have some allergies which led to skin issues, but he was a good dog. The shelter environment was, understandably, too much for him. He laid in a corner and shook uncontrollably. He didn’t even take a break to rest. He shook so hard that it broke everyone’s hearts.

A rescue group, named Philly Bully Team, heard about Carson, and a volunteer, named Lauren, decided to sign him out of the shelter and bring him home. She knew a dog like Carson needed to feel safe and never would in a shelter.

Carson immediately thanked his rescuer by never leaving her side. Where Lauren went, so did Carson. They were a perfect match. Lauren understood that this pup needed comfort around the clock and that is what she gave him.

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