Shaking Pit Bull Won’t Leave Shelter Corner, Heard A Voice & Inched Forward

Last Update : Friday 19 June 2020 - 10:59 PM

Lauren also knew that they were a match made in heaven and told the rescue group she wanted to make the adoption official. They agreed! Carson is so grateful to be with Lauren that he doesn’t let her go anywhere without being on top of her. It’s very endearing except when she needs to get things done. Like working from home! A 60-pound dog on your lap tends to get in the way. But Lauren is such a good sport!

Besides snuggling, Carson’s favorite thing to do is go for walks and seek out the best sticks. He loves to walk around with a stick in his mouth. As Lauren says, “his whole body wags.” To see a dog go from shaking and scared, to a happy boy, is so heartwarming.

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