Rottweiler Jammed In Small Crate & Ditched And She Can Only Move Her Eyes

Last Update : Friday 12 June 2020 - 11:08 PM

A beautiful and innocent Rottweiler who had been treated so cruelly by her owner was then cast out and left to die. Rescuers found her after several days on her own. She had become so weak and dehydrated. She was malnourished and struggled in the South Florida heat.

When the rescuers finally arrived, it was estimated she had been like this for five days. The Rottweiler, later named Susanna, was found in a dump on the grounds of a nursery. She was so weak that she could only move her eyes. The rescuer was devastated but still tried to soothe her as best as she could.

Susanna had no food or water. Her body was so weak that she had given up. She knew what came next and that reality is startling. But now that she isn’t alone, there is hope! Rescuers got a tarp to transport her. They put her safely in the back of their truck and headed to the emergency vet clinic.

The vet did a thorough exam and realized she wasn’t just malnourished and dehydrated. She was also riddled with ticks and fleas. Further testing revealed that she didn’t have a spinal injury but she still couldn’t walk. The vet had seen this before. This type of injury is caused by a dog being forced inside a small crate. Susanna likely spent most days in a crate so small, she couldn’t move. Her muscles didn’t develop properly and had atrophied. Who could be such a monster?!

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