Sick Hunting Dog Is To Be Put Down, Man Steps In To Help & Owner Wants Her Back

Last Update : Wednesday 17 June 2020 - 1:07 PM

Takis had seen this before. This dog had been through something she could not cope with emotionally. She needed to see that these people around her now would not hurt her. It took a long time but she made progress.

Once on a good diet and the right medication, Moira’s health improved too. She made friends with the other dogs and watched as they interacted with the people at the shelter. That’s when it clicked… these were good people, unlike her owner.

With hard work and dedication, Moira became an entirely different dog. She’s now in good health. She lights up whenever humans come near. Her recovery is quite remarkable. Takis and his team refused to give up on Moira despite any challenges they faced.

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