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Last Update : Wednesday 26 December 2018 - 10:09 PM

A local farmer suspect of poisoning crows with pesticide-laced bread that accidentally killed a neighbour’s 2 dogs is facing a criminal charge and a civil investigation in reference to the deaths of the birds.

Stone Wall Farms owner Al Fugazzi, 66, was issued a summons Tuesday charging him with illicitly taking or killing wild birds, a category E crime punishable by up to 6 months captivity and a $1,000 fine, police aforementioned. He won’t face charges in reference to the poisoning of the dogs within the Apr twenty-three incident, Penobscot County prosecutor R. patron saint Almy aforementioned.

Fugazzi has issued the summons once Officer John Walsh found seven dead crows on Fugazzi’s farm as a part of his investigation of the deaths of the dogs. State law prohibits the killing of “wild birds, with the exception of rock doves and wild turkeys,” and Fugazzi admitted spreading the insect powder, aforementioned Dan Summers, Lincoln’s public safety director.

The state Department of Agriculture’s Board of Pesticides management is also reviewing Walsh’s report and conducting its own investigation, Henry Jennings, the board’s director, aforementioned Tuesday. The investigation, centred on whether or not Fugazzi desecrated rules on the employment of the insect powder, doubtless can conclude in 2 or 3 weeks.

Fugazzi declined to discuss Tuesday.

Walsh referred to as the poisoning of the dogs, associate degree setter named opaque gem and a hunting dog named guts, “a tragedy crystal rectifier on by a series of unfortunate mistakes by each party.”

One of the dogs’ homeowners, Enfield Road resident Tim designer, aforementioned he was deeply saddened regarding the loss of the pets however unsure whether or not Fugazzi committed any wrongdoing.

“You have that a part of you that desires to try and do one thing, however, you furthermore might don’t need to try and do one thing unjust,” designer aforementioned weekday. “I simply wish to confirm that it cannot happen to anyone else.”

Thornton’s woman, Ann designer, told Walsh that she was walking her dogs while not a leash on the border of the farm field on Apr twenty-three once the dogs ran ahead and Ate items of bread. The dogs, she said, instantly began foaming at the mouth and staggering. each died shortly thenceforth, Summers aforementioned.

The bread, Walsh’s investigation unconcealed, was besprent with the Lannate chemical. that is a brand for methomyl, a broad- spectrum insect powder that in fatal cases paralyzes the muscles of the system and severely constricts respiratory organ openings.

Fugazzi is suitably authorized to use Lannate and had no apparent intention to damage the dogs, Summers aforementioned. Farmers even have the proper to shield their land or crops against injury caused by most animals.

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