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Last Update : Wednesday 26 December 2018 - 10:32 PM

A few months past, we have a tendency to emotional to a community that needs dogs to be leashed whereas walking. Leash walking has been clearly expressed in our report many times. If somebody ignores this community rule, they’re penalized at some purpose, however, I don’t apprehend if that has ever happened.

In our previous home, our dogs had an outsized dog last exercise. we have a tendency to don’t have that to any extent further, therefore we have a tendency to walk them many times daily. It took your time for them to urge accustomed to walking on a leash.

My issue is with people that, against community rules, walk their dogs unleashed. they appear to assume it’s OK as a result of the owner trained their dog to run that manner. Before news one person (after perceptive her unleashed dog many times), I asked her why she was walking her dog unleashed whereas holding the leash in her hand. She became incensed and cursed Pine Tree State out.

While driving, we have a tendency to passed a retriever off-leash with its owner. once the dog saw the US, he began walking toward our automotive. The owner had to prevent the dog from entering into the road.

Recently, a person began walking his labradoodle off-leash. once I asked, “why no leash?” the same he’s been coaching his dog for 6 years and also the dog is aware of higher. The same his dog doesn’t apprehend he’s a dog. Mind you, I saw him walking well ahead of his dog, United Nations agency was turning around and searching at my dog. My dog postured in an exceedingly dominant stance, however ne’er force on his leash. As a facet note, my dog’s area unit amazing in dog parks interacting with alternative dogs. It’s being walked on a leash wherever they stiffen up around alternative dogs.

I understand I’ll not be the simplest dog walker, however, I’m terribly awake to alternative dogs whereas walking, therefore we will all have a secure and fun walk. I don’t need to be the neighbour news on unleashed dogs. My husband feels it’s fine as long because the dog stays with its owner, however, are you able to apprehend as expected whether or not a dog’s curiosity couldbe|or perhaps} ire may cause a problem with alternative dogs and humans? in spite of however someone feels, dogs (while very vital members of our families) area unit animals. I might like to believe nothing will happen, however, there’s no guarantee. Am I overreacting?

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